What Is Organisational Development?

An organisation that isn’t working up to its potential is in danger of failing, and the health of any profitable business depends on (1) the skills of its workforce; (2) the efficiency of its finances; and (3) it’s access to capital to support its operations and business expansion. Croesus’ consultants our trained to enter an organisation and develop a plan to make it healthy and profitable.


Duties and Responsibilities

Croesus consultants are called in to a company, be it a large corporation or a small business, to evaluate how it operates and make recommendations for improvement and to oversee the implementation of the recommended change processes. Our organisational development consultants are typically hired when a firm is struggling and needs to make changes in order to remain profitable or, alternatively, when a firm finds itself expanding rapidly but is unsure of the best path to follow and how to access additional capital to support the expansion.

Our consultants are highly educated in the fields of business, have broad experience in managerial roles, and an excellent reputation for bringing businesses to a higher level of performance and profitability – on or before time and often under budget.


Organisational Assessment

Through observation, research, and interviews, Croesus organisational development consultants analyse the corporate culture of a company. In doing so, they determine whether the organisational parts are efficiently and harmoniously working together to achieve the corporation’s goals.


Change Management

Changing management doesn’t always mean that you have to change personnel. Based on what Croesus consultants have learned through their assessment of a client’s business, they work with management and project teams to plan and implement changes in both work practices and office environment behaviours.
Some of the changes we might recommend would be employee-driven, such as changing job duties or developing plans to keep valuable employees.


Problem Solving and Team Building

Our assessment might show that there is a specific problem that is hindering a company’s performance. After identifying the problem as being employee-driven or due to the business model, we then develop a solution. Using learned methods in organisational planning and group dynamics, we will develop and implement team building skills between employees and the management team. This will help to improve team harmony through interpersonal communications and stress reduction, thereby increasing productivity.


Process Consulting

During the assessment process, we will research various business methods to determine an appropriate plan. We then use that information to identify successful practices and work with the management team to reinforce those applications. We may also stress the need to discard what does not work and develop new business models that can work with current effective methods.


Meeting Design

Too often, meetings never accomplish much beyond getting everyone away from their work stations. As an organisational development consultant, we will monitor how meetings are used at a business and work to develop a plan to teach meeting facilitators how to organise materials, set an agenda, and keep a meeting on task.


Facilitating Access to Capital

In addition to the foregoing processes, which improve the organisational efficiency of corporations, high performing and expanding corporations often need access to additional working and expansion capital, as traditional sources of capital (such as proprietor loans, overdrafts, and extended terms of credit) become inadequate to pursue expanding and deepening markets.

There is always a role for both debt and equity sources of capital and Croesus can facilitate introductions to loan funds (from bank and non-bank sources) and equity capital, sourced from angel investors, venture capitalists, and public funding (via an IPO on a stock exchange).