Why CROESUS? [Pronounced Kree-sus]

The expression “as rich as Croesus” comes from the legendary wealth of the king who reigned over Lydia in western Asia Minor from 560 to 546 BC. Gold from the mines and from the sands of the River Pactolus filled his coffers to overflowing. The Lydians in the time of Croesus were also the first people to coin money.

(King Croesus is the historical figure upon whom the stories of King Midas, the mythical figure, are based.)

At Croesus Holdings Group (Croesus), we believe making money and creating wealth is the inevitable outcome of employing good management practices. Croesus provides a range of consulting services in project management, management education, organisational development and web services that develop and enhance management’s ability to pursue and achieve its central goal – making profits.

Croesus people have done it all before. They practice what they preach and they walk the talk. Croesus consultants are mature people, who have long experience in successfully creating and developing profitable companies, both in Australia and around the globe. They have gained their experience in both SMEs and larger public and international companies. All carry with them a knowledge of, and target to achieve, world best practice in what they do.

At Croesus, we also aim for ethical social outcomes as well as achieving practical business goals.