Professional Guidance

Check out the articles in this section to find in-depth, procedural approaches to understanding complex, current management structuring methods and implementing them into your own business processes.

White Papers

This section contains authoritative reports and guides that inform readers concisely about complex management issues,  on a wide range of topics. It is meant to help readers understand issues, solve a problem, formulate strategies, or make a decision.

AI, Ethics & the Law

Ethics and law are inextricably linked in modern society, and many legal decisions arise from the interpretation of various ethical issues. Artificial Intelligence (AI) adds a new dimension to these questions.

This section deals with these and related issues.

Welcome to Croesus Holdings Group

Croesus Holdings Group is a management consulting practice that provides clients with individually focussed advice to assist with business growth and corporate development.

Croesus provides ‘hands-on’ corporate consulting services to all companies, but specialising in providing Strategic Management Services to the Building & Construction and Mining sectors for companies that require targeted, legally compliant professional skills, appropriate to their specialised industry needs.

Our Philosophy

By looking more deeply into your business, Croesus helps bring bold strategies to life in unexpected ways. Through disruption and innovation, our clients are able to transform from market followers to market leaders. Our decades of successful experience – at all levels, in all sectors – ensures your business will maintain those achievements.

Our Service Areas

Croesus people have done it all before. They practice what they preach and they walk the talk. Croesus consultants are mature people, who have long experience in successfully creating and developing profitable companies, both in Australia and around the globe. They have gained their experience in both SMEs and larger public and international companies. All carry with them a knowledge of, and target to achieve, world best practice in what they do.

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