Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) are the components comprising the system by which business corporations are directed and controlled.

The GRC structures and procedures specify the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different stakeholders in the corporation, such as the Board, managers, employees and shareholders and spell out the rules for making decisions on corporate affairs. By doing this, GRC also lays out the structure through which the company objectives are set – and the means of attaining those objectives and monitoring performance.

Croesus provides expert assistance to clients who “want to get it right” in respect of GRC and their natural companion – corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR refers to a company’s commitment to operating in a way that takes into account not only the financial implications of business decisions but also the social, ethical and environmental impacts that business decisions have on the community in which it operates.

Croesus also develops the associated Practice & Procedure Manuals that will allow companies to induct and train employees in their GRC & CSR responsibilities, in accordance with the Australian Standards. We can also assist clients to develop their GRC procedures all the way to gaining an ISO 9001 accreditation, if so desired.