Dispute Mediation & Resolution Services

Disputes arise from time to time and need to be resolved fairly, cost effectively and with as little damage to ongoing relationships as possible.

Litigation can be appropriate in some cases - but it is not always the best, or even a viable, option.

A Croesus mediator helps parties in dispute by working with them to negotiate an agreed resolution.

The mediator does not decide the dispute - and generally will not even express an opinion about the merits. The mediator assists the parties in a structured and impartial way to:

  • identify the issues between them
  • recognise their own interests in the dispute
  • recognise the interests of the other parties to the dispute
  • negotiate an outcome which best furthers both those interests.

Mediation often works best early in a dispute, before positions have hardened and before money has been spent on legal proceedings. It is particularly suitable where the parties have an ongoing relationship which they wish to preserve.

Because mediation does not focus on rights, mediated resolutions can be more flexible than court judgements. Because the procedure does not involve evidence, the process is quick, informal and inexpensive. Mediations are also confidential to the parties.

If the parties reach a resolution at mediation, the settlement is put into a legally enforceable agreement.